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The primary mission of 4doc.com is to provide physicians, their patients, and the general public with timely, relevant sources for health care information.

Health Care Information

If you are looking for specific health care treatment, please ask your physician or health care professional for the most appropriate treatment and resources for you.

4doc.com and participating physicians provide you with these resources to use as an informational library.  Our objective is to provide links to helpful agencies and organizations to improve the health status of yourself and your family.  Please feel free to visit any of the links below for an example of the publicly available resources.

Click Here to see a free report card on over 620,000 physicians, 5,000 hospitals, and 16,000 nursing homes.  (Offered by Healthgrades.com.)

Pub Med

Center for Disease Control

Natl Women's Health Info Ctr

A Women's Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation


Public web sites:

NIH Health News

NE Journal of Medicine

Am Academy of Family Physicians

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center


NE Journal Search

US Dept of Human Resources

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