How it works


The solution is very simple.   You schedule an online or phone appointment when it is convenient for you, then our network physician contacts you at the scheduled time.  No more waiting for days or weeks for appointments, or missing work, or traveling and parking in remote medical office buildings.  No more long waits in busy waiting rooms shared by other sick patients just to have an initial consultation.

The stated goal is to provide appointments within two hours, however at present the average wait time is less than 45 minutes.   To enroll now, click here.

When you schedule your appointment you may provide secure, confidential details, image files etc. to ensure your telemedicine physician can provide the best quality diagnosis and care during your consultation.

Your secure on-line profile only needs completed once when you enroll, you do not need to complete your profile information every time you need a physician consultation.

Telemedicine and “telehealth” are quickly becoming a convenient and preferred method of access to healthcare by many patients and physicians.  Following are some links to further illustrate the growth in telemedicine and telehealth. bcc-research himms-analytics healthcare-it-news-healthcare-security