Does provide health insurance?

No, is a telemedicine company that connects members and their family to doctors, we do not provide healthcare insurance.  The membership fee provides you with these physician consultations at no additional cost.  Your membership fee covers the physician consultation.  This can be extremely cost effective since many insurance plans now require very high deductibles and co-pays for each office visit.

In most cases your monthly membership fee is less expensive than a single visit co-pay with your doctor.  The membership fee is completely separate from your current healthcare insurance and the membership fee does not accumulate towards your co-pay or deductible.   The monthly membership fee in many cases will allow you to avoid paying those doctor visit co-pay fees and deductibles entirely.

When appropriate, the network licensed physician may write you a prescription, in which case you may be able to utilize your insurance with the pharmacy you choose to use.  Questions about your healthcare insurance coverage can be best answered by contacting your insurance company.

At we improve access to physicians to improve healthcare outcomes, and we can greatly reduce your total healthcare costs.

For general information about the United States Affordable Care Act (often known as Obamacare) you may visit the US Health and Human Services web site here: