telemed-savings pricing plans are designed to be simple and save you money when you need a doctor consult:

Plan Name



Basic Plan (up to 3 doctor consults/month)

Basic Plan-Annual (up-to 3 doctor consults in any month all year)



Member & Up-To 4 Family Members
Expanded Plan (4 or more doctor consults/month)

Expanded Plan-Annual (4 or more doctor consults in any month all year)



Member & Up-To 4 Family Members

All plans include physician consult time by either telephone, tablet, smart phone or computer.  Referrals and prescriptions, (as determined by the physician) where required and appropriate are included in the membership fee.  Payment for drugs, lab tests, diagnostic imaging, and other third party services are not included in the membership fee.  Payments for prescriptions and third party providers where referrals are made are handled separately between the member and the third party selected by the member.  Questions concerning insurance should be directed to the member’s insurance company.

Please choose a membership plan to meet your needs.  All plans include Member plus up-to 4 immediate family members.*  Monthly plans may be cancelled on-line at anytime to discontinue future billing.  Discounted annual plans may be cancelled at anytime for a pro-rated refund based on the number of full months remaining in the annual plan. provides yourself and your immediate family* faster access to doctors without waiting days or months for an appointment, without travel to the physician’s office, parking, and sharing waiting rooms with other patients.   Your monthly membership provides yourself and your family with secure, quality healthcare consultations when you need it, where you need it.

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*Immediate family includes spouse or domestic partner, children and stepchildren.